Doctors are highly qualified and learned professionals who are competent in diagnosing and treating diseases. It is the doctors whom people put their trust on when they seek treatment or diagnosis of their medical conditions. However, catastrophic failures of doctors in making correct diagnosis or performing a surgical procedure may injure the patients, much to their disappointment and agony. Our medical negligence claims specialists address these issues with high emphasis on the real causes behind patient suffering and they offer required legal guidance to the innocent victims of medical negligence if required. If you have been injured in a recent medical accident and you want to file a clinical negligence claim against your doctor, you can use our legal services to file a claim case against your doctor whose cavalier actions landed you in a state of pain and trouble.

Medical negligence –What is it?

Flip through any newspaper and you could almost always find news reports on patient sufferings due to surgical negligence or wrongful death of innocent patients due to incorrect diagnosis and the likes. Go on the web and you can find people debating over medical negligence regulatory amendment and ventilating their grievances against the negligent doctors. It is medical negligence that has created a stir among the UK citizens. What is the exact meaning of this term that has been the prime reason behind sufferings of innocent people? The answer is here below.

Medical or ‘Clinical Negligence’ – the term has been semantically broadened to encompass many different forms of the negligent acts of the doctors. It may refer to GP negligence or paramedic negligence. It may denote a surgical error or a prescription error. To put it briefly, any error on the doctor’s part that causes injury and financial damages for the patients who relied on them comes under the category of ‘negligence’. If you have been a victim of any form of negligence, you have a right to claim.

Medical negligence claims – What we do? & Medical Negligence Solicitors

We are a negligence claim legal assistance firm having our forte in providing complete legal solutions for those who have been injured by doctors, nurses and other medical staffs. We do not provide legal solutions for other types of claims cases as we have only handled and have our long-honed proficiency in dealing with medical negligence cases in specific. We have hard-nosed legal professionals in our team who know the claim industry inside out and can give you tips and guidance on filing claims for doctor’s negligence only. Call us or email us to know the scope and extent of our legal services.

Areas we cover – Our wide serviceability

Our solicitors have handled a variety of clinical negligence cases in the past and they know the ropes better than many of their confreres in the industry. We are currently offering completely legal assistance on a variety of negligence cases that are some way or the other related to healthcare services. Areas we currently cover are:

• Surgical errors
• Wrong diagnosis/Misdiagnosis
• Prescription errors
• Birth injuries
• Brain injuries
• Dental negligence
• Care home negligence
• NHS hospital negligence

The above list is not all-inclusive and we certainly offer our legal services for many other types of negligence cases, provided that some healthcare professional/hospital authority is involved in the case and is held liable for your sufferings. We can do the necessary pre-litigation investigation and we request you to assist us in every possible capacity during this preparatory phase so that we can make your chances of winning stronger. However, if you are suffering from reduced manual dexterity and/or you are incapacitated to do the extra running for pulling together the essential documents for framing up a claim case against your doctor, we will reach beside you and help you with documentation in filing a claim more easily.

Why Expert medical negligence solicitors are needed when claiming compensation.

It is very important to claim through medical negligence compensation experts as this could allow more chance of your claim being successful. It is also important to make a no win no fee medical negligence claim that way you will not get any surprise bills. Our clinical negligence solicitors also offer free advice and even home visits in many different cities in the UK.

Requisites for filing a claim

The basic requirements for filing a medical negligence claim are pretty simple and most claimants do not need our assistance in gathering the required documents. We just need copies of your medical reports from the past six years, all the diagnosis reports and prescriptions that you have obtained following the medical error that caused your sufferings, some photographs of your injuries and some other documents that are easily obtainable and that we will brief you from time to time about. If you have any queries regarding the important documents for filing a claim, you can just get in touch with any of our executives who can guide you through the claiming process.

Please bear in mind that if you are looking for clinical experts who are fully authorised to and can diagnose your medical condition/injury accurately, we can help you in finding a medical expert near your place so that you can obtain the reports easily. If you are unable to travel to and from the clinic, we can collect your samples, submit the same to the pathological labs and get the reports for you. The panoptic nature of our compensation claims legal services have made us a preferred choice of the victims of clinical negligence.

Who are we?

We represent one of the most trusted law firms in the UK. We have compensation claim legal experts on board who are duly authorised and licensed to handle these cases. These professionals have decade long experience in dealing with these cases and have a high success rate. If you reach us for taking your corners in a compensation claim court case or ask for our advices/suggestions, we will be happy to help you with your case.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims – Where to start?

The process of filing a claim is quite straightforward. If a doctor or hospital authority refuses to assume liability for your pain and suffering that resulted from an act of medical negligence, you just have to visit our website, fill up the contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly following that. You can discuss about funding options and many other aspects of filing a case with us and we will be delighted to answer all your queries. We provide free legal advices on making clinical negligence compensation claims.